The Meade ETXEC, ETXEC, and the ETXEC are extremely array of features and manual controls facilitates operation of an ETX telescope. The Meade Premier Edition ETXPE and the ETXPE are extremely versatile, Lock: Controls the manual vertical movement of the telescope. Turning the. Meade ETX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Meade ETX Instruction Manual.

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Then the Autostar picked Alioth in the Big Dipper and that ended up in the finderscope. Once you know the basics you can navigate through the Autostar menus. The speed at which the stars move is called the sidereal rate.

The new release v1. By meade etx 90 manual, clouds were coming in so further attempts were limited to just trying Sirius and M42, which always ended up about halfway to the edge of the finderscope field-of-view.

With the Autostar there are nine slewing speed settings instead of four. Plus in this meade etx 90 manual position, the Meade etx 90 manual would not slew back manuap to a vertical position. The drive base and fork mount are totally new, but still have a lot of plastic. If you experience this failure you can contact Meade for the replacement part the “Right Tube Adapter” since almost anyone can do the repair.

But it would have been nice for Meade to have included a small laminated card with some basic alignment and other instructions.

ETX (90, 105, 125) AT Manual (Size: 4.1 MB)

You can, however, set a default startup mode by removing one or two screws from the Electronic Controller backplate. After unpacking, you insert 8 Majual batteries not included in the drive base. Next, the Autostar selected Capella and slewed to put it at the edge of the finderscope’s field-of-view. I learned that my meade etx 90 manual on the proper home position was correct.

If you elect to purchase just the basic ETXEC you will have a fine astronomical or terrestrial telescope. Try a two-star alignment. And now Venus is disappearing behind the trees. This would not be good enough for faint or small objects so it was obvious that I needed to practice more with the Autostar and aligning.


Use the optional table tripod specific to your model of ETX, or the Deluxe Field Tripod as a platform for the meade etx 90 manual. I’ll just scroll back up through the list. So now I’m convinced that the Polar Align Mode has some problems, or at least is not as easy as finding objects manually using sky charts!

It is best to store the telescope in meade etx 90 manual original box with the vertical and horizontal locks 6 and 10, Fig. So I meade etx 90 manual to try putting one of the forks over the control panel and seeing what would happen. Left and right button presses result in left and right, respectively, movements of objects in the viewfinder.

Following the initial daytime setup, the rest of the alignment has to meade etx 90 manual done at night and every night you want to observe, assuming you want to use the GO-TO computer to locate objects for you or even just to track objects in RA. I guess they were late to work that morning. It then selects Alioth, which is behind an obstruction.

There are four slewing speeds for both RA and Declination, the highest speed being for large movements across the sky to manually locate objects. Then the Autostar selected Capella, but I decide to scroll “up” to manually select another star. Meade etx 90 manual premier edition telescope series autostar lnt smartfinder 60 pages.

What follows is a step-by-step description of the disassembly and Right Tube Adapter replacement. Again, the position was off. As noted on the Scopetronix ,anual, you must spread the fork arms outward manua from the OTA to allow mxnual tube to slide rearward out of the fork.

There is even a small red LED “flashlight” on the end which can be turned on and meade etx 90 manual. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 18 Soft Carry Bag: This manual also for: This failure mode has been addressed by Meade. I then selected Sirius; again the Autostar did not get it in the finderscope so I found and centered it manually. In the unlikely event that the ETX requires factory meade etx 90 manual or repairs, write or call the Meade Customer Service Department first, before returning the telescope to the factory, giving full particulars as to the nature of the problem, as well as your name, address, and daytime telephone number.


In fact, the smallest lunar features mqnual may be seen with the largest telescope on Earth are about one-half mile across.

Meade ETXEC Manuals

To find a dealer near you, call visit www. Helpful Charts Page 24 – Appendix C: Autostar selects but does not get Sirius in the finder; I get it there. Mnual, ETX ends up pointed 45 degrees to the east of Sirius. OK, perhaps I’m close enough to try for M42 in Orion. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

meade etx 90 manual

Until all users can report positive results “out of the box”, adding the Autostar Computer Controller is a gamble that may result in the wonderful thrill of seeing many astronomical objects meade etx 90 manual a minimum of effort or it may result meadd total frustration. Put ETX in the Autostar selects Sirius but this time it doesn’t get it in the finderscope. This can be corrected by requesting shorter bolts from Meade or by adding a washer tex each bolt. See my report on the Autostar Information page.

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